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What types of resource are available?

The file type for each resource is listed. Most resources are in one of the following file formats:

pdfAdobe .pdf. You will need Adobe Reader (free) or a compatible pdf reader (e.g. Foxit; free) to use these resources.
MS PowerpointMicrosoft .ppt. You will need MS PowerPoint, MS PowerPoint Viewer (free) or OpenOffice Impress (free and open source) to display these resources.
zip compressed folder. You will need a .zip manager (e.g. 7-Zip; free and open source) to extract and use these resources.
MS ExcelMicrosoft .xls. You will need MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc (free and open source) to use these resources.
WWWWeb page (external link). These resources are hosted off the psychlotron site and open in a new browser window.
IWBInteractive whiteboard resource. These can be any file format but often consist of several files zipped together.
WMV (zipped)Video clip. These are in .wmv format for playback on Windows Media Player or a compatible player (e.g. Media Player Classic (free and open source) but have been zipped to prevent streaming.
MP3 (zipped)Audio file. These are in MP3 format and will play back on most media players including Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic (free and open source) but have been zipped to prevent streaming.
VLECollaborative learning activity. These are instructions in RTF format for creating resources on a VLE. If you don't have a VLE, Moodle is free and open source. You can get a very reasonable Moodle hosting package at (we have one hosted there).

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