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If you have a resource you want to share with other teachers or lecturers, please email it to us. All resources made available on the psychlotron site must be original (i.e. the work of the submitting author) and must not infringe other authors' or publishers' copyright. By submitting a resource to for publication, an author affirms that this is the case. Preferably, a submitted resource should not reiterate material that is already available from unless it contains significantly different material or a novel approach.

Resources submitted to can be any of the following:

Information and presentationsThis could include lecture handouts, notes or presentations (e.g. in MS Power Point format).
Activities and worksheetsThis would include any learning activity. Where two or more resources are intended to be used together (e.g. a presentation and a worksheet) please indicate this.
Interactive resourcesThis includes any ICT/ILT learning resources, for example, hypertext-based activities. If these consist of a set of resources (e.g. a set of interlinked web pages) they should be submitted as a compressed/zipped folder, along with instructions for installation and use. If they are already available on the WWW, please submit a link instead. If any specialist software (i.e. applications you would not expect to find in a UK school or college) is necessary to use the resource, please indicate which software is required and where it may be obtained, if possible.
Links to other sitesThese can be for any website or resource publicly accessible on the WWW. This is the only category of submission where the work does not have to be your own, although it would be helpful if you give some indication of how you use it (see below).

Authors who contribute resources to the site retain the copyright to the work and may ask for its removal from the site at any time. All work submitted to the site will be fact and proof-checked before being made available to others. If significant changes are made to the work, these will be cleared with the submitting author before the material is made available.

Where possible, all documents will be tranferred to .pdf format and 'edit locked' before being made available. This is to ensure that the relevant author(s) and the site are appropriately credited. Inevitably, some of the resources made available (e.g. Power Point presentations and html documents) are not edit lockable. Whilst relevant copyright information will be included in the resources as available from the psychlotron site, by submitting them for publication the author acknowledges and accepts that their resources may be used in whole or in part by individuals who will not attribute their provenance appropriately.

It is very helpful if submissions are accompanied by a brief explanation of the resource, in the body of the email to which the resource is attached. This should contain:

Please email resources (as email attachments) or questions about submissions to this address.

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